Working From Home (& Office Space Reduction)

People started working from home a long time ago. Bringing home a briefcase full of documents was replaced with bringing home your laptop. Cell phones made many people available virtually around the clock. And since the internet became ubiquitous and fast, you can now connect to the office via a VPN and access the office … Read more


Communication via email is much more difficult than it seems. The sender of an email has a whole picture of what he wants to convey in his head, this picture is converted into an email. When the recipient reads the email, the picture that forms in his head is not necessarily the same. Everyone is … Read more

Manage your Day

We are constantly interrupted by notifications, breaking our concentration, derailing our trains of thought and so on, making it nearly impossible to get through our ToDo lists. More importantly, it prevents us from time to focus on important things. There is some good news though – we are not totally powerless against this. Let’s look … Read more

So what do you really need as an IT manager?

Preparing never to need your ‘Get out of jail card’ But in the event that you do, a ‘Get out of jail card’ means: A solid way to recover from any disaster – like: Loss of data – because of any reason like: Accidental deletion of files Ransomware Hardware Failure Hardware Failure Server Switches WiFi … Read more